Our Team

You can count on us to represent you, our reason for being in business.
Travis Peterson

Travis is the owner and lead strategist of Impact Campaigns.  A veteran of political and PR campaigns across the country, Travis brings a wealth of communications experience to our clients. From positioning and messaging to strategy and creative, he works to build and execute a winning plan for you. When he's not working (and sometimes when he is working), you can find him with his family at one of Pensacola's beautiful beaches.

Brittany Sherwood

Brittany is our public relations specialist, is the newest member of the Impact Campaigns team.  Part of an award-winning collegiate PR program, Brittany has a strong background in social media communications, graphic design, and pr campaign planning. Her zen-like demeanor may distract you from her quiet intensity and determination to help you win. Also, she loves shoes.  Like, really.

Randy Hamilton

Randy is an all-around creative guru in the areas of photography, web development and graphic design. His versatile skill set and keen eye expands our firm’s capacity and ensures that our clients look great online and offline. His photoblog, One Shoe Diaries: Discovering America’s Lost Soles has been featured by CNN. Randy also features a mean vertical jump as he is a pretty fierce beach volleyball competitor.

Kathy Nettles

Kathy serves as special project advisor to Impact Campaigns. A Florida native with a long background in nonprofit management, Kathy is a treasure trove of creative campaign ideas and community outreach tactics.  Her southern charm and abiding faith are always a joy to be around, but don't get between her and an antique sale.

Stephen Leacock

Stephen is our resident musician and a gifted designer with a penchant for rock-and-roll music and science fiction. Stephen’s individual work has been featured in national exhibitions, as well as the music industry, the PGA, the NFL, and major trade associations. He also plays a mean guitar and brings that same rocker mentality to our clients.

Gary Tramontina

Gary is our political photographer, with nearly three decades of experience. In addition to Impact Campaigns, Gary’s clients also include The Associated Press, The New York Times, ESPN, Bloomberg News, USAToday, and Polaris Images.  Gary is an avowed foodie who always seems to find the best local, hidden gem restaurants when we travel.