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Public Affairs

When you need to build a constituency, win support for a project or influence public opinion, you can't just sit on the sidelines. You have to press your agenda through a coordinated public affairs campaign. We use our SCORE process to build coalitions, content, and communications that help you reach your goals.

Message Development

While engaging stakeholders one-on-one is the most basic form of public advocacy, it is not enough to stand up and make your case before a commission or board.

Your message must be targeted to the motives and philosophy of those who control the outcome of your issue. We work with you to identify the key decision-makers and help you develop the most persuasive messages and arguments to win their support.

Public Engagement

When the fate of your issue or cause is in doubt, take it to the public. As voter contact specialists, our team will create and implement a comprehensive, effective public relations and media outreach strategy to increase public support for your cause.

Issues Management

In addition to helping you win your current policy battles, we strive to make sure your organization is prepared to respond to upcoming and unpredictable issues in the future. We use each public policy campaign as a springboard to expand your public presence and political influence, building credibility for your organization and support for your cause.