PR Campaign Plan Checklist

Whether you’re plotting for world domination, all-encompassing power, or just a bump in profitability, the game gets a lot easier with a fine-tuned PR and marketing effort. But to win, you have to SCORE, and the clock is ticking.

Use this checklist to get your PR or campaign plan ready to go. If you need a hand or have some questions, send us a note and we'll be happy to help.

Develop your PR campaign strategy.

Set clear communications goals and objectives for the year.
Create measurable goals that drive business results, such as the number of leads, web traffic, email list increases, or content downloads.

 Map out milestones to measure your progress towards goals.
Break up your goals into quarterly chunks or "rocks" along the way to measure progress along the way.

 Develop profiles or personas of your ideal clients or customers.
Who are your most profitable clients or customers? Identify their characteristics, create a model client and target similar prospects.

Use content in your PR plan.

 Create a content plan based on what your audience wants to know.
Business, political or advocacy campaigns all thrive on connecting with their audience. Learn what questions your audience has, and then build a plan to answer those questions over time.

 Build an editorial calendar for your content.
Create a calendar that maps out your content plan by the month or the week. Plan to share your expertise through blog posts, social campaigns, email marketing and earned media. Then work the plan.

 Make content a priority for everyone.
From the front desk to the corner office, everyone brings value to your customers or clients. Help them share that value through content.

Optimize your campaign content.

 Make the most of each piece of content.
One case study can be turned into a series of blog posts, an infographic, a slide deck or how-to video, and a testimonial for your marketing materials. Look for multiple uses to communicate to several audiences.

 Get graphic with your content.
For eons, humans have communicated through stories and pictures. Find ways to use video, graphics, photos, or other visual presentations for your content.

 Research new tools for communicating.
Web-based video editing and design applications (like Canva) can make your content shine. Slide decks on Slideshare can be a great way to share content. Infographics from Piktochart can make design simple.

Reinforce your PR plan content.

 Social media is now a pay-to-play medium.
It is more and more difficult for business pages to reach social media audiences unless you are boosting posts or buying ads. Invest a small amount at first to expand the reach of your content.
Measure, rinse, repeat.

 Don't forget email marketing.
One of the most effective means of reaching and converting your audience - whether you are looking for voters, donors, advocates or clients, is email. Share your content to your email audience, and use content to drive up your email subscriptions.

 Earn some media love for your content.
Journalists and media outlets around the world are under massive pressure to produce and distribute content to their readers. If you have a great article, blog post or infographic, pitch it to a relevant media outlet. Their platform is likely larger than yours and will help drive your content audience.

Evaluate your results and celebrate the wins.

 Make sure you have measurable goals for your PR plan.
See rule #1 above. You can only show progress or success if you use metrics that matter. Create your PR campaign plan with clear goals that you can measure.

 When in doubt, use a benchmark.
Not every tactic or strategy can show defined business results. But you can start with benchmark numbers or performance and measure from there. Take a measure of where you are today, and then each month track that same metric. You'll know quickly if you are succeeding or not.

 Use tools to help you evaluate your plan.
There are many tools to help you measure your campaign plan. Learn how to use Google Alerts, UTM tracking codes, social media and email software insights to measure your progress. For more robust (and expensive) measurement tools, look into media monitoring and social listening software.

To learn more, take a look at our blog series on the SCORE Process. If you'd like more information, contact us or just shoot us an email.