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March 6, 2017

The SCORE Process: S is for Strategy

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Strategy. This is where it all starts.

Whether you are fighting for market share, running for office, or influencing public opinion, you must have a strategy. But how to begin?  Read More


June 27, 2016

Business Tips from the Campaign Trail

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It’s an election year.  Can you tell?

While there are no awards being won this year for high-minded debate, there are some interesting lessons to be learned for business communications. So here we share some of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the campaign trail.  Read More


June 24, 2015

Is Your Brand Honest or Authentic?

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really-snlA few weeks ago, PR genius Gini Dietrich posted a great commentary on Hillary Clinton’s announcement campaign.  Specifically, Gini was very critical of the campaign’s rollout, which just didn’t capture the Hillary Clinton that we’ve all come to know for the past 20 years she’s been in public life.

Read More


June 16, 2015

Announcing: Campaigns for Business!

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For years, most of you have known us as a firm that does political campaigns.

Our political clients span across the country, from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, to Colorado, Illinois and elsewhere. Read More


March 1, 2015

We Usually Don’t Do This, But Mike Hubbard Asked For It.

March 1, 2015 | By |


We love to talk about our clients, because we work for good people, good causes, and good candidates. Our opponents? Well, we tend to not focus on them so much.

But in this case, we’re making an exception. Read More


January 28, 2015

Tourism: Earned Media and Community Outreach

January 28, 2015 | By |

visit-pensacola-logoAfter three years of transition and reorganization, the Pensacola – area tourism marketing group, Visit Pensacola, took on the task of developing a five-year strategic plan.

For decades, tourism marketing had been the realm of beach hotels and big attractions. However, new data demonstrates that visitors to a community want an experience, not just a vacation.

The Destination2020 planning process was created by the branding experts at IDGroup to engage stakeholders as well as new actors in the area’s visitor experience to create a strategy for tourism as an economic driver for the area. We were engaged to assist with stakeholder outreach and earned media efforts.


The Goal:  

Visit Pensacola wanted to build stakeholder interest and participation in the strategic planning process to ensure community buy-in and support.

The Plan:  
  • Identify and contact tourism stakeholders, including hotel, restaurant, cultural, retail, historic and business interests.
  • Drive community awareness of Destination2020 through earned and social media outlets.
  • Ensure adequate participation and representation at planning kickoff event and subsequent community-based dialogue sessions.
  • Position the planning process and Visit Pensacola as an organization focused on building a community where people want to live and visit.
The Results:  

Working with our friends at Ideaworks, we helped generate market-wide media coverage in print, online, and broadcast platforms.  Over 150 stakeholders attended our first kickoff event, which built significant momentum and collaboration throughout the community.


January 2, 2015

Pam Childers: Campaign Strategy and Message

January 2, 2015 | By |


The incumbent Clerk of Court for Escambia County Florida was seeking a thirteenth term after being in office for 55 years, and was facing tough questions about employee compensation and internal management.

Our client, Pam Childers, represented a new generation of leadership who was challenging the status quo and a patronage system that rewarded loyalty over competence. The campaign strategy and message was clear: yesterday vs. tomorrow.


The Goal:  

Our goal was to introduce Pam as a new voice, a competent manager, and a government finance expert while making the case that 55 years was long enough for the incumbent to serve.

The Plan:  
  • Capitalize on Pam’s energy, resume, and photogenic appeal as part of a campaign strategy of “applying for the job” of Clerk.
  • Identify specific policy and organizational changes to demonstrate that Pam represented a new way of doing business at the Courthouse.
  • Aggressive vote-by-mail campaign to convert early voters to Pam who might otherwise go with the incumbent’s name they’ve known for decades.
  • Targeted outreach to women and younger voters who would respond to Pam’s message of change and competence.
The Results:  

On election night, our campaign strategy and message worked.  Pam Childers won a 60% landslide, carrying early and absentee voters, as well as election day ballots.



January 2, 2015

Democratic Direct Mail in Rural Alabama

January 2, 2015 | By |

richard-lindsey-farmMarking the second time we worked with Representative Lindsey and his strategist David Mowery, the 2014 campaign was shaping up to be a difficult year for the minority Democrats in the Alabama House.

The elections in 2010 had seen dozens of Democrats lose at all levels, but Richard Lindsey survived the onslaught thanks to a steady barrage of positive and comparative direct mail and cable television. Strategically, the 2014 election was less of a tidal wave but anti-Democrat sentiment was still high in this district.


The Goal:  

Our goal was to remind voters of Richard Lindsey’s deep roots, rural values, and mainstream beliefs and overcome the partisan drag on Democrats in this conservative, North Alabama district.

The Plan:  
  • Define Richard as a son of north Alabama who reflected the values of this conservative, rural area.
  • Graphically convey Richard’s profile through traditional color schemes and images that reflected the patriotic, rural nature of the district.
  • Target new parts of the district who had never known Richard prior to the 2011 redistricting to convey his message and values to these new voters.
  • Develop clear call-to-action graphics for online and social media ads served to targeted voters groups by our online advertising vendor.
  • Drive turnout in Richard’s home turf of Cherokee County to compensate for smaller vote share in the outlying parts of his district.
The Results:  

Authenticity trumped politics.  By simply telling Richard’s story and conveying his values to the district, his personal appeal and deep community roots were unassailable and he cruised to victory on Election Night.


January 2, 2015

Campaign Strategy: Larry Lee, Jr.

January 2, 2015 | By |

LarryLeeLongtime St. Lucie County resident and businessman Larry Lee, Jr. was facing a tough re-election fight.  His victory two years earlier over a bruising primary challenger and a strong general election had caught political observers by surprise.

This year, with a stiff Democratic headwind, Larry had a record to defend as well as a strong Republican challenge. We created the direct mail campaign and worked with pollster Tom Eldon and media consultant John Rowley to develop and execute the rest of Larry’s campaign plan.


The Goal:  

Our goal was to preempt the inevitable GOP attacks on Larry through a campaign strategy of aggressively communicating early Larry’s message of community work, personal values and bipartisan spirit.

The Plan:  
  • Targeted direct mail to the southern end of district where Larry was least known and support was softest.
  • Communicate early on cable, radio, earned and social media to key demographics and build Larry’s vote share.
  • Aggressive voter turnout operation including direct mail, phones, and canvassing to maximize Democratic turnout.
  • Use third-party validators and endorsements for character references through direct mail and television to blunt the effect of GOP attacks.
The Results:  

Despite over $100,000 in Republican spending, Larry’s campaign strategy worked.  He won overwhelmingly, carried the southern part of his district, and collected major endorsements from influencers across St. Lucie County.




January 2, 2015

Data, Design and Direct Mail: FL No on 3

January 2, 2015 | By |

NoOn3_HandoutA rash of brutal TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) constitutional amendments that threatened massive cuts to state budgets were part of the 2012 landscape.

These amendments had potential devastating impacts for education, transportation, infrastructure, and social services.

We worked with a broad coalition of progressive and faith-based groups to support the No On 3 effort to defeat one of these bad initiatives.


The Goal:  
  • Using state-of-the-art voter modeling, we targeted early and mail-ballot voters with comparative direct mail messages to prevent this bad amendment from reaching the 60% threshold for passage.
The Plan:  
  • A broad coalition including faith group PICO, progressive political leaders and organized labor built a targeted field network to communicate inexpensively to our target groups.
  • Statewide modeling by America Votes pinpointed the exact voter groups needed across the state to defeat this Amendment.
  • We delivered a unique creative approach to standard walk cards and flyers, using die-cuts and non-traditional colors to drive interest and attention to our messages.
  • Our direct mail focused on a comparative message that drove home the message of Amendment 3 being a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”
The Results:  
  • The No on 3 campaign was victorious, capturing over 55% of the vote in a resounding defeat of this bad amendment that would have stifled growth, hurt Florida’s economy, and threatened the future of the state.